December 19, 2018

By Angel Farmer

Make the most of UK culture

England continues to thrive as one of the hottest international destinations for tourists. You'll have the chance to learn about English culture through a variety of remarkable historical and cultural treasures, including monuments from the Neolithic time period, widely renowned cathedrals and abbeys dating back to the 11th century, preserved Roman architecture and prehistoric artifacts. England also has a wide array of shopping, art galleries, restaurants, and theaters for different interests. If you are a first-time tourist, you'll want to see many of the rare attractions in London, Cambridge, Leeds and York. You'll spend a great deal of time exploring some areas by foot, with options to take a short boat cruises for a different view of the landscape. London As Europe's biggest city and capital of the United Kingdom, London is a lively place that draws crowds year round. Begin the day at St. James Park, the oldest Royal Park in London. Enjoy its serene landscape and magnificent wildlife. Take a self-guided tour through Buckingham Palace, the office and London residence of the Queen. You'll be able to view the lavishly furnished state rooms in the heart of the working palace, which contain many of the greatest treasures from the Royal Collection. Embark on a deep journey into medieval Britain's history at the Westminster Abbey, a timeless masterpiece and shrine to several great leaders. It holds valuable remnants of the monastic, gothic and modern architectural styles, exhibiting three centuries of development in response to the changing religious influences. Visit the Temple Church, where you'll learn of the Knights Templar, the infamous order of knights founded on the avowed mission of protecting Christian pilgrims journeying to Jerusalem during the Middle Ages. Next, wander through the Spitalfields and Brick Lane Markets, two neighboring street markets with a rich diversity of antiques, foods, home accessories, electronics, furniture and everything else in between. Uncover stories of past kings and queens at the Tower of London, an iconic symbol of Britain and home of the Crown Jewels, which still remains the greatest working collection of crown jewels in the world. Up until the 19th century, it was maintained as a fortress against enemies, place of imprisonment and execution and base for royal power. Travel across the River Thames and experience the life and art of Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre. You may choose to watch a Shakespearean classic performed in the circular arena modeled after his original Renaissance theater. Or discover the remarkable stories of the famed poet/playwright and the magic he brought to the stage at Shakespeare's Globe Exhibition. Cambridge our vacation isn't complete without visiting the University of Cambridge, which has thrived for 800 years in extraordinary academic excellence and original research. The King's College Chapel features an exquisite Gothic design, the world's largest fan vault and more than 20 arched stained-glass windows stretching to the high ceilings. "The Backs," an expansive area of gardens that runs next to the River Cam, offers a spectacular view from the rear grounds of five colleges. The best way to view this area is from a punt, a flat-bottomed boat that is poled along the river.


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